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To the untrained eye, it may seem as if spring and fall clean-ups are a simple task that any home owner can perform for themselves, should they so choose. After all, what’s there more to do besides picking up some fallen leaves? But things are often more complicated than that and a proper clean-up goes beyond the mere pick-up of fallen leaves. First of all, not every home owner has the time, desire or patience needed to do all that picking up.

Many of our clients are busy professionals and businesses that just don’t have the time to properly manage all the work needed to maintain all their landscaping or the yard work. Others just know that as highly trained professionals, we have better knowledge and expertise in the lawn care area. Also, many of clients simply don’t want to waste their weekends on the required clean-ups, when they can simply delegate the job to a team of professionals like us at Cutting Edge Yard Service.

A proper spring or fall clean-up is much more than the simple task of picking up leaves and garbage. During the clean-up, the task of our crew is not only to leave the lawn area clean of debris and leaves and twigs, but to also prepare it for receiving other necessary treatments to make the seasonal transitions smoother and to contribute to a better soil health. Very often, the clean-up is closely followed by core aeration, or the start of our fertilization and weed control program, or by the last step of the fertilization program, if it’s the case of a fall clean-up. This prepares the lawn to be in its best shape whether we’re looking forward to the upcoming warm season or if we’re looking to help the soil make it through the winter with less damage.

Even if it seems simple, there’s a lot of science behind the art of properly readying the yard and the lawn to receive nourishment, care, and to grow to its best potential. This is why a team of professionals can do it while also ensuring the best chance for the success of other related operations to be performed on your lawn. Last, but not least, we’ll also get another problem out of your hair: the disposal of all the debris, sticks, leaves, gumballs and so on. All the material picked up from your lawn will be properly collected and hauled away by our crew, so you don’t have to worry about any leftover mess to deal with. Then, you can simply enjoy your clean lawn no matter what season is soon to follow.

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