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Cutting Edge Yard Service - Lawn Care And Landscaping

Cutting Edge Yard Service - Lawn Care And Landscaping Company

Lawn Care

We provide the top notch local lawn care homeowners and businesses are looking for! We have been providing this service for more than 15 years.

Cutting Edge Yard Service Lawn Mowing And Maintenance


We love providing great landscaping to both home owners and businesses. Learn more about our landscaping services by clicking on the appropriate links below.

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We are proud to provide all the mowing, fertilization and weed control, core aeration, pest control as well as spring and fall cleanups for and landscaping maintenance and design to the local neighborhoods and villages that are part of our service areas.

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Cutting Edge Yard Service Fertilization And Weed Control

We are a favorite professional lawn care companies in the Sangamon County area. We also a mowing and weed control company that will work on your yard and it will be done properly because we are design experts and love what we do. We are happy to provide homeowners and businesses in Sangamon county with weed control and shrub trimming. We do pest control, leaf cleanup and leaf removal experts. We do not provide snow removal but provide core aeration and fall cleanups to make your living spaces and tree and shrub along with landscape maintenance. We will occasionally do pressure washing and gutter cleaning. We make outdoor living spaces great for your life and we are a landscaping company also.