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We are honored to have been in the lawn care and landscaping industry around Springfield Illinois for more than fifteen years. We are proud to own a business in this area and have more than 35 years of combined service between the two owners. Our team of workers is comprised of the best qualified personnel. If you work with us, you will feel perfectly comfortable with our team working in your yard, and you can be sure that they have all the qualifications necessarily for safely conducting the job you need done. No more of people working on your property and acting unprofessionally or like they don’t really have a clue what they’re doing; with us, you will finally feel like you’re getting what you requested in the first place, at the top notch quality. Please check our the Lawn care services from Cutting Edge Yard Service

Our core values, as a company, revolve around delivering the best service to our customers in a way that can be seen from afar. We take pride in making sure the properties we tend to soon become the most beautiful and neatly cared for in the entire area. This is wonderful for the owner on more than one level (just think of how the curb appeal can raise your financial standing) and it’s also great for us. What could make for a better business card than the solid reputation of managing the best looking yards in the neighborhood? You can be sure we’re 100% committed to this.

The area we provide lawn care services to is fairly large, comprised of SpringfieldChathamAuburn, Divernon, Pawnee, ShermanRochester IL, along with all the surrounding residential areas within a reasonable distance. In spite of owning a pretty big slice of the market, we are locally owned and operated company. That means that we strive to keep the initial community feel of the business alive, while still operating at a large scale and in the most professional manner possible.

We offer our customers full lawn care and lawn maintenance service. This range of jobs includes lawn mowing, fertilization and weed control, mulching, spring and fall clean-up, aeration, pruning, bed weed control, over-seeding, vegetation control and so on. The exact plan is devised according to each client’s personal preferences and needs; the advantage is that you can get all the jobs you need from one sole provider, but you don’t have to sign up for the full range of services if you only want or need a few of them.

The owners of Cutting Edge Yard Service are available to take your calls and listen to your feedback or to solve any problems you might have. We do whatever it takes to keep our business and our work at the high level we brought it in the first place, so don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you need and how we may help. You’ll find that we’re always prepared to make a priority out of any wishes, complaints or inquiries you may have; just give us a call and we’ll deliver a solution fast and in a reliable manner. After giving us a shot, you’ll never want to work with another lawn care service provider again.

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