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Mulch Springfield IL - Premium Hardwood And Dyed Material For All Your Landscaping Needs

We have the mulch Springfield IL homeowners and commercial businesses want and need. At Cutting Edge Yard Service, more than fifteen years of providing excellent products and top notch services has prepared us to take great care of your lawn and landscaping at a fair and reasonable price. Our locally owned company wants you as customers for life and know that each and every yard needs to be cared for in the same manner that our staff takes care of our own yard.  

IL Mulch To Springfield Illinois Homes Or Your Business Property

Our business offers a full delivery plan. Our full  program includes supply of the materials and then the raw materials are moved to their desired location and spread to the proper 2 inch thickness to get the desired look and beneficial effect. For customers that sign up for our full plan, there is not an additional charge for delivery. Find out more here on our main page mulch supplier Springfield 

Colored Mulch Springfield IL

Cutting Edge Yard Service will be offering mulch in three colors this year. Our most popular landscape material is the traditional shredded hardwood. You can see images below.  Our line of better quality products also include a red mulch and also a dark brown mulch.  Our dyed colored products are made of 100% white oak.  The  dyed mulch is vastly superior to other similar looking products by knowing exactly where our product came from and how it was manufactured.  Our colored mulch has the following characteristics:  Contaminant Free, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Pesticide free, Brilliant in color, Fade resistant colors and Environmental friendly

IL mulch and lawn service

Traditional Hardwood Mulch

Premium hardwood mulch is our most popular product.  It looks great and represents about 80% of the decorative landscape material that goes on most yards.  Our artisan workers will come to your property and give you a free no obligation price quote for this decorative material.

Red Mulch Material

Red dyed mulching material is a decorative favorite  at many areas around Springfield and the rest of Sangamon County Illinois.  Because of our extensive knowledge of exactly where this decorative mulch material comes from and how it was manufactured, our business keeps high quality products as a mainstay of our business.

Dark Brown Mulch Material

High quality dyed dark brown mulch is our second most popular decorative landscape material. Most people forget that in Springfield and surrounding cities in IL mulching material also acts as a barrier to weeds and is a very commonly for bed weed control. Our contractors would love to install this quality product at your home or business.

Mulch Sale Near Me In Springfield IL

That’s right!  Our company is the locally owned landscaping and lawncare company near all of you if you live close to Springfield and we are having a sale!  This sale is for new mulch customers and is a great introduction to our business.  Here is how it works.  For new customer only – our offer is the following:

“When you order our full service mulch delivery and installation, our compny will provide FREE pre-emergent weed control application in the mulched area”!

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In addition to the full service artisan red cedar mulching our business does provide a full service where the decorative material, mulch or compost is installed to the desired 2 inches on your property. This helps to keep moisture levels at a desired levels on your property. In addition our staff does offer more decorative materials and items such as rock, soil, compost, stone, boulders, gravel, landscape dirt, sand and vegetable gardens. Our staff does not perform any work with concrete, asphalt paving, bedrock, flagstone or tree stump, but do a great amount of other landscape design and lawncare work and also provide shrubs, perennials, annuals and garden plants and lawn care help such as turf grass and weed bed control, soil organisms analysis and can help with a solution for plant roots and organic matter. Please check our our landscaping rock also.