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Cutting Edge Lawn Care Springfield IL - Top Rated Lawn Company for Mowing, Maintenance and Fertilization and Weed Control Services

We provide the professional lawn care Springfield IL homeowners and businesses are looking for at affordable prices. In addition to our expert mowing skills, our company provides fertilization, weed and crabgrass control, core aeration, overseeding and do a wonderful job with fall clean up and spring clean up at an honest and fair rate like a great Lawn Care Company should. We cater to both residential customers and also provide commercial care for your business. Please contact us for free estimates. Our experts will do quotes over the phone or by email.

Great Mowing Services For Springfield area Residences And Businesses

Our company has been offering local residents and businesses professional mowing services for years.  Our mowing crews do it a bit differently though.

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Lawn Care and Lawn Care Services Everyone In Springfield, IL Wants

We provide high-quality lawn care services at prices that will put a smile on everyone’s faces.  No, our company is not the least expensive, but our experienced crews do provide the utmost in quality and dependability with attention to detail.  Isn’t that what you want from lawn care companies?  Getting your lawn service job done quickly and efficiently and not having to worry if the job is done right?  That is why we are here and why our top rated lawn care business has continually provided exceptional value with high quality results and customer service for so many years.

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Lawn Care Springfield, IL - including Lawn Maintenance Mowing and other Lawn Services for Springfield homes and IL businesses

We take the hassle out of getting these things done by doing the beautiful lawn care and landscaping  that is needed to keep your Springfield front and backyard or commercial property looking great including mowing and trimming and leaf removal. We provide IL’s best lawn mowing service and lawn maintenance services.

springfield illinois fertilization and weed control

Cutting Edge Yard Service Springfield Illinois - Front and Back Yard Weed Control And Fertilization Program

Our company can provide services to control Dandelions, Broadleaf Weeds, Crabgrass Prevention,fertilization and weed control. Our lawn care services professional crew are certified by the State of IL Our Springfield treatment specialists use the best chemicals and provide fertilizer services for residential and commercial properties with our locally owned Springfield lawn care weed and feed fertilization business.

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Landscaping Maintenance Services For Home And Business

We make sure that your landscaped areas have proper maintenance also.  Tree and shrub pruning, fall and spring cleanup, and extensions, flower bed maintenance, and mulch supply are just a few of the things our lawn maintenance and landscape business can do for your Springfield property.


IL mulch and lawn service

Mulch Supply And Installation Service

We provide full service mulch delivery and installation services for both homeowners and businesses in Springfield IL.  Our mulching products that we use include traditional premium hardwood mulch and dark brown dyed premium fade resistant colored mulch materials also.

Lawn Pest Removal And Control Service

Pest control is a common lawn care service that can be provided for home owners and businesses in Springfield.  Grub worms can damage your turf by eating all the roots of your grass.


springfield-il lawn-care aeration and overseeding

Lawn Aeration And Overseeding Service

Core aeration and overseeding is one of the huge keys for getting thick green grass in Springfield IL.  This service is best done in the fall. The aeration process allows more nutrients to permeate the soil and reach grass roots. Read more about lawn aeration here.


illinois lawn and landscaping weed bed control

Weed Control Landscaper - Weed Bed Control

Weed control is also an important part of our services in flower beds and other landscaped areas in Springfield.  We love making sure that during planting of shrubs, trees and other types of plants are not bothered by weeds in the future. This is one part of our many landscaping services for the greater Springfield area.

springfield-il lawn service cleanup

Spring And Fall Lawns Cleanup Projects

Yard clean up services are offered all throughout the year in Springfield, but traditionally this lawn care service is performed as a spring clean-up and in Fall also. Spring and Fall cleanups help your yard look better and also allows sunlight and nutrients optimally reaches the roots of your grass easier.


Illinois Home And Commercial Fall Leaf Cleanups

Leaf clean up is a MUST if you want your house looking great.  Removing leaves from your Springfield residence or commercial property keeps us busy during the late Fall season when old man winter gives us the indication that he is on the way.

Additional Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services Available

  • Tree And Shrub Trimming
  • Tree Circle Landscaping Project
  • New Grass Planting
  • Commercial lawncare Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Commercial landscape maintenance


  • Slit Seeding
  • Spot Yard treatment
  • Push mowing
  • Commercial landscape services
  • Downspout Elongation


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Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Yes, we do provide a full line of lawn and yard services to homes and businesses in and around the Panther Creek area. In addition, we service the entire 62711 zip code including all properties near Piper Glen, Knights Action Park, Spaulding Orchard Road, and all those great locations west of S Koke Mill road!

We often get asked if our people perform any kind of tree services or tree care such as tree removal services, tree trimming, stump grinding, or other stump services. We are not Arborists. Our tree service is limited to tree pruning and removal of limbs and branches. Please feel free to call if you have tree care or tree removal questions. If you need a referral to an arborist, or someone that can help with a stump we can do that.

Our service of choice in the Capital city and surrounding cities is to do seeding and reseeding instead of using sod.


No we are not a sprinkler system installation company. We do know are the providers in the Springfield Illinois area though and would be glad to make a referral to a top provider.


No this is not something that we routinely do. We  recommend Thompson Waterscapes for this. They provide high quality services at a competitive price.


No we are not deck builders nor do we do any other major construction projects such as retaining walls or other major hardscape.


Yes! We have many great customers that live on and around Lake Springfield. It is one of our favorite places in Sangamon County to work. We provide mulch and our entire spectrum of yard services to the entire 62712 zip code! We enjoy working on East Lake Shore Drive and everywhere near Henson Robinson Zoo, Lincoln Memorial Gardens and the Toronto area.


Additional info:

Cutting Edge Yard Service – Your Springfield IL Based Lawn Care Service

As a locally owned lawn company, we know you have choices of the Lawn Care Inc. company that you choose. Our lawn care services and landscaping staff are very proud to offer the top lawn services for residential customers as well as commercial service for Illinois business clients.  Our lawn care lawn services commitment and goals include providing you with the utmost in service at affordable prices.  Cutting Edge Yard Service only provides lawn care and maintenance inside Illinois and Springfield is our most busy IL lawn and landscaping service area.  Cutting Edge Yard Service has the experience and has been proudly serving Springfield and the surrounding community for many years. Our lawn care maintenance is available in the surrounding cities of Sherman, Chatham, Glenarm, and Rochester IL and in all the zip codes. We do not currently have an app.

Please check out our landscape design services on a different page of this lawn and landscape website. We will help with design projects. We currently do not do major construction for retaining or privacy walls or a pergola. We can apply mulch or a variety of flowers around your current deck to help the space and everything around this family area look nice and much better and be within a range of budget and style that any customer will be happy with.

If you have any questions, about lawns or garden or grounds care or the mulch product we use, please don’t hesitate to find out more and call or email us at support@cuttingedgeyardservice.com We are springfield il’s lawn care experts.

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