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Aeration And Overseeding

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Lawn aeration is a service which we at Cutting Edge Yard Service highly recommend as the basis for a healthy and thriving lawn. Both aeration and over-seeding services are rather delicate operations which need to be performed by a team which really knows what they’re doing in order to get it right. Our staff members are precisely that: highly trained, well prepared and with the best equipment to suit the needs of your yard, no matter the size and type of property we’re talking about. In order to maintain a healthy lawn and to make the soil better prepared to receive nourishment or further care, we recommend this service to be performed every autumn. It prepares the soil to take on the challenges of winter and the upcoming spring better, while also clearing out all the left-over debris or compaction produced by the ending summer season.

Compacted soil can occur from a wide range of factors, including the succession of vegetation layers that get crammed up into the ground or the intense activity of people constantly stepping and laying or certain areas of the yard and so on. Basically, there isn’t much you can do in order to avoid the compacted soil, but you should take care not to allow the situation to get too far out of hand. A compacted soil can make the circulation of air, water and nutrients much harder within it, and the grass and vegetation in your lawn need all three of those in reasonable quantities in order to grow and thrive. If the soil remains compacted for too long, the owner will soon notice how the lawn gets drier and thinner no matter how much it’s nourished, and how no treatment applied seems to do its job, for no apparent reason. In most such seemingly inexplicable cases, we’re dealing with a compacted soil situation.


That is why core aeration is so important, as the only proper way to loosen the compacted soil and make it suitable again to growing a lawn on it. After the aeration, nutrients, fertilizer and water will once again be able to circulate to the root system of your turf and properly sustain it. Once this is done, it is also an ideal time to take care of any required over-seeding, either on the thin areas that need to be refilled, or all over the place in order to prepare the lawn for a new warm season (if the over-seeding takes place in spring).You can be sure that our team has the proper training, equipment and tools to take care of the required aeration and over-seeding as efficiently as possible no matter what type of property you contact us for. The result of this service will be a healthier and thus more beautiful lawn, with less hassle and work for you to do in order to maintain it. Just leave it to us and forget about any worries – we know just what your yard needs and how to deliver it. The lawn will then be the envy of the neighborhood and the pride of your property.

We offer aeration and overseeding services in the following service areas;

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