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Fertilization And Weed Control Services

When it comes to fertilization and weed control, things can get tricky for most service providers, and this is exactly the area of service where you can tell the difference between amateurs and true professionals. At Cutting Edge Yard Service, we provide fertilization and weed control services to residents in Springfield IL, Chatham, Sherman, Rochestor, Riverton and surrounding towns in Central Illinois. Our 6 step program has been devised in a way to perfectly cover all the basic needs of your lawn, in a manner that will make you not require any other fertilization extra service ever again.

Leave it to us to deliver your yard exactly the type of care it needs in order to thrive, and you won’t be sorry to have entrusted us with it. Our program starts every year in late March, just as the lawn is returning to life, and ends in November, right before things take a turn for the cold season. The applications are repeated once every 5-6 weeks during this time interval.

The 6 main steps of our fertilization and weed control program are the following:

  1. Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control/Pre-emergent (crabgrass control).
  2. Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control/Pre-emergent.
  3. Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control/Grub control.
  4. Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control.
  5. Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control.
  6. Winter fertilizer.

As you can probably notice, our 6 step program was designed to take all the seasonal changes into account in order to put a solid foundation for your lawn’s health all year round. If your lawn will be given our full 6-step treatment, it will make sure that your warm season is hosted by a lawn full of thick and properly nourished grass, with no weeds in sight to ruin the view and the feel of your beautiful turf and landscape. We all know how much a beautiful lawn counts as a background for virtually all your outdoor activities with family and friends, and our fertilization and weed control 6-step program is designed precisely to offer you that ideal setting for your summer experience. On the other hand, the last visit our crew will perform will deliver to the soil just the right nutrient cocktail to make sure the winter period is a time of regeneration.

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The lawns and yards which already benefited from our 6 step fertilization and weed control program stand to testify to the quality of our service. You can trust your lawn to us in full confidence if you want it to look just as good too, and you can be sure it will then become the envy of the neighborhood. Just like in all living organisms, beauty really does come from within; and that’s why the health of your lawn and its soil is actually the cornerstone for the good looks of your yard. The main thing you can do to contribute to your lawn’s health is to provide it with the best fertilization and weed control program you can find, and we just happen to be the best in the area.

The testimonials of our existing customers can vouch for the efficiency of our fertilization and weed control program, and for the way it helped turn their lawns around into a wonderful source of lushness and rich grass. You can secure the same kind of quality for your own lawn by giving us a call today.

We are proud to provide fertilization and weed control services in the following areas:
Fertilization and weed control Chatham
Fertilization and weed control Rochester
Fertilization and weed control in Sherman
and also Auburn, Divernon and Pawnee.

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