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Our Service Areas

Service Areas For Cutting Edge Yard Service

We are very glad to offer a large area that we are able to provide lawn care services, mulch supply and delivery and landscaping services to both homeowners and businesses in Central Illinois.  For over 15 years Sangamon County has been our exclusive area of service, with Springfield Illinois being the most populated area, but have recently expanded into Christian County. 

Major Service Areas

Springfield Illinois

Springfield has the majority of our lawn care and landscaping customers.  We like to think that we are very popular here, but also we realize this has the biggest population base. This capital city is divided into a number of zip codes and also some neighborhood townships. The zip codes include the following: 62701, 62702, 62703, 62704, 67207, 62711 and 62712

Chatham Illinois

Chatham Illinois is located south of Springfield and is and the destination of many parents with soon to be school aged children.  This proud community has a wonderful school system and residents that are willing to spend more money to make sure all the school facilities are up to date. It has one major zip code here 62629  The population here is growing

Sherman Illinois

Sherman Illinois is at the nothern boundary of our service area. We travel there because there are a bunch of great people and it is another growing area associated with a great school system. There are two zip codes here 62684 and also shares some of the 62707 zip code with Springfield.  It also is one of the wealthier areas that we are proud to include in our service area.

Rochester Illinois

Rochester and the 62684 zip code is at the western sire of our service area, but we are very proud to provide lawn care, landscaping and mulch services to this fine city. Once again, it is a family and school oriented city with an outstanding sports history in Illinois, especially football.  The high school has won State Championships in it’s division for the past 9 years.

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More Detailed Information About Springfield Service Area
Zip Code 62701

The zip code here contains many of the cities historical sites including some of the Abraham Lincoln historical sites . We are proud to have a good number of commercial customers in this area.

Zip Code 62704

62704 is a zip code south of downtown and is unique for having the city of Leland Grove contained inside of it as a seperate city.  They have their own police department, so dont go over the speed limit here.  Illini Country Club is here as well as many wonderful homes around Washington Park.  We have many customers in this zip code.

Zip Code 62712

To the west ans southwest side of Springfield is the zip code of 62712.  Most notably here is Lake Springfield.  It is for sure the destination of many boaters and picnics.  There are also lovely scenic drives around E Lake Shore Drive.  For a small city, there is a great zoo here also, the Henson Robinson Zoo.  Check it out.

Zip Code 62702

This zip code has a number of historically famous places also including the Lincoln Monument Association, the Illinois State Fair and Memorial Medical Center.  In this area is the Village of Grandview.

Zip Code 62707

The zip code of 62707 is located on the Northern part of Springfield and is where the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is located.  Our Crews do travel to this area and also a bit further to the northeast.  Also famous here is the Rail Golf Course, which has previously been the host of a womens PGA golf tournament.

Zip Code 62703

The zip code of 62703 is mostly on the East to southeast side of Springfield.  The largest colleges in the area are located here.  University of Illinois Springfield and Lincoln Land Community College. 

Zip Code 62711

62711 is a very busy service area for us.  We have lots of customers in the Panther Creek subdovision and also in the Piper Glen subdivision.  Of course, both of these subdivisions are associated with a golf course.  This is the wealthiest zip code inside the Springfield area.  It wraps around the west side of the city.